Monday, May 4, 2009


I love soup. I could eat it every day of the year. We have had a few cool days so while hubs was at work the other day, I whipped up a big old pot of rich and delicious french onion soup. The kids decided to take late naps (till 7pm!) and so I got to enjoy fresh french onion soup topped with perfectly crunchy and melty cheese on top. Mmmmmm. Oh it was good. It was good yesterday too. And today. Yum!

I got the recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

Her site is such an wonderful space full of inspiration for recipes.

Or photography basics.

Or photoshop tutorials.

Or homeschooling.

Or just having a good laugh.

Again here is the link for the soup: French Onion Soup Try it, it is amazing! I only changed it by using feta and swiss cheese on top of the bread and the broiling it for a few minutes after adding the cheese. Yum.