Friday, January 9, 2009

8 months

Ella Bella Chunka Monka celebrated the big eight months yesterday. Ok, to be honest, I completely forgot about it being a month-day. My friend, M, reminded me. She is one of many of my friends who had a baby on the 8th of the month in 2008. Anyways...

Current raves:
- loves her brother. Even though he gave her that bruise under her eye today. Sigh.
- Is in the "my parents rock my world" phase and wiggles and smiles and laughs when she catches a glimpse of us.
- Loves to eat. Anything. Everything.*
-She has completely done away with me and slurps her 7oz bottle dry in about 6 minutes. She weighs about 20 lbs, so proportionately... it would be like me drinking 49 ounces of milk in 6 minutes. Gross!
- Loves to go to bed (I KNOW!!!) She smiles and wiggles when we lay her down and then just sleeps. A lot. From 8pm to 8am, plus 2 2 plus hour naps during the day.
- Babbles constantly. A ba ba ba, Ah Da da da, and eeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It's mama when she is sad.
-Has no interest in crawling or any other gross motor skill. She is fine with just sitting.
- Has SIX teeth. FOUR of which she cut in the past week!

Current "no thank yous"
- Blueberries. She eats them but does a full body spasm in disdain.
- Her brother hitting her with toys.
- Ok, thats it. She is really happy and easy going.

I am so thankful for this little girl. What an amazing blessing form a year ago when we didn't know if she would make it to being born without lots of medical intervention. God has blessed us abundantly with her.