Thursday, January 29, 2009

just right

My friend M over at the every day suggested I record Ella Bella's measurements for posterity. She is so fluffy and delicious and I just love who she is today. I love how she wiggles in absolute delight when you hold her and how she she just melts at the sight of her brother or baby doll.

47 cm around her tummy,
30 cm around EACH of her gorgeous, chunky thighs
46 cm head circumference
29 inches long
I don't know how much she weighs, I am guessing 22-24lbs.

She is just right.

*For comparison, my upperarm is 25cm around (less than her thighs), and my thigh is 47cm around (same as her tummy).


The everyday said...

What a sweetie! Puffy little thing I love it!

Out of curiosity I measured J's and he's only 20cm!

Amanda Prather said...

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