Wednesday, January 7, 2009

crafting from the stash: loopy ribbon ball

This is a fun, easy, and fast craft. It took me longer to stuff the ball than to cut the pieces and sew it together. I will definitely be whipping up a few more for baby gifts!

Here is a link to a tutorial that got me started:How to Sew a Ball

I enlarged the pattern using photoshop until it was about 6 inches in height. I pinned 3 inch ribbons in place and then followed the directions as given. I opted for using fabric glue to attach the circles to the end of the ball, I can always go back and stitch over it later. Total time, about 45 minutes. Happy Crafting!


kirstin said...

love this!
actually, I tried to modify this tutorial to make a fabric globe (you know, the map of the world kind?) for jordi for christmas and it was not nearly so pretty. perhaps there was a little too much modifying without the sewing skills to match??? hahaha!
I'll have to try the tutorial for its actual intended purpose and see if I have better luck. :)

Erika said...

LOVE it! Another ridiculously simple thing I made that Lucy loves: I sewed two small flannel rectangles together with an equal size piece of celephane between them. (I used my serger, for super-ease, but it wouldn't be much different with a standard sewing machine or to hand stitch it.) Lucy loves to crinkle it.

Faith said...

This is cool, and I love Erika's additional comment! Great idea, too! :)