Wednesday, July 8, 2009

14 months

My baby girl is less a baby everyday and more a teenager. I think she is going to skip toddlerhood, preschool, and grade school and move straight to the drama of being a teenager. Hubs is very, very scared of what lies ahead raising Ella Bella. This past month or so has brought tantrums, defiance, biting, yelling, screaming, and flirting with boys.

Milestones this month:
-She stands all by herself! She learned to stand by just standing up in the middle of an empty room and doing it. She also likes to clap for herself when she performs this amazing act.
-she has taken one step, just one, several times. She could do more but nah...
-Ella Bella discovered watermelon and she can go to town eating it. It's crazy! Hubs was pretty sure she had some horrible ulcer or something because her diapers were bright red after she went on a binge watermelon eating streak.
-Drama, drama, drama. The girl can throw a fit! She has flipped over her high chair in a fit of rage and goes straight to biting if something displeases her. She has also been know to speed crawl across a room and give a good chomp on an unsuspecting Moo.
- She speaks! dress, yes, ashes-ashes, hi, mom, mama, dada, me (see, teenager), more, bear-bear, and brand new today... night-night.
-she loves to accessorize. Anything she finds on the floor is game for trying on. Everything must be put on her head or around her neck. Underwear, blankets, fabric, ribbon, pants, whatever...
-she has a daredevil streak, she climbs or attempts to climb everything and thinks nothing of flinging herself backwards at any given moment.
-she loves drinking water out of hoses, the bath tub spout, and any other way that splashes obscene amounts of water on her face.
-she loves playing with her baby dolls, giving them bottles, pushing them in the stroller, comforting them by patting them on the back. It's pretty darn cute!
-she adores Moo, she follows him around and loves to play with him on his bed.
-she gives kisses, moth closed and complete with a smooch sound.


Care said...

she is a doll (love that bikini!), and sounds like so much fun! i love that one of her words is "dress" !!!!!