Wednesday, July 8, 2009

trash the dress: california dreaming Keary

Lain brought along 2 friends to our trash the dress shoot, Betsy Lackey and Keary Dee Warner. Hubs and I instantly felt OLD. All 3 of these very young ladies have talent beyond their years. Keary had flown in to do a wedding here and had some extra time, which is why we pretty spontaneously decided to do the trash the dress shoot.

Keary is a sweet california girl with a heart for the country with all it's wildflowers and open space. Needless to say, I think she really like shooting here... we have wide open space and then some! She just moved and is based out of San Jose, California now. Her images have an almost dream like feeling to them. She also does some really cool things to honor the memory of her sister, check out her work and her story out on her blog and website!