Tuesday, July 7, 2009

trash the dress: the amazing Lain!

Last fall, one of my friends had her family photos posted on facebook, I liked them so I added the photographer as a friend. We occasionally wrote on each others walls or photos, but that was it. In May, I just happened to be facebookin' when she posted wanting to swap sessions with a local photographer, Lain Eubank. I sent her an email along the lines of "I am not even close to worthy, but I will take your photos if you want. And I also have this COOL idea for a photographer practice shoot for this cool group she was putting together." Anywho, to make a simple story really simple, we ended up swapping sessions. I was going to take her pictures for her blog and website and she would take family photos for me. I was so excited!

So a couple days later, when she emailed me and said, "Hey... about that idea for a shoot you had, how about next week when my photographer friend for California is here? And I'll still do your family photos."


So, we trashed my wedding dress. And we trashed my husbands suit too! It was so fun! I highly recommend it for anyone who was way to tense on their actual wedding day to get any decent photos. We were game for anything and the 3 photographers had us running, laying in streams, in fields of stickers, jumping, twirling, and for the grand finale.... getting hosed down by a bunch of firefighters.

Before I show some of the rad images she took of the dress trashin', I want to brag on Lain. Not only is she a cool photographer, she is just a cool girl. She has been so patient with my lack of knowledge, offered to let me borrow gear (I was terrified to touch it), willingly shared advice, and has some cool stories to boot. Hubs and I had an absolute BLAST doing photos, it was so calm and just relaxing!

Her website went LIVE just TODAY, so go and check it out: http://www.laineubank.net/