Monday, August 10, 2009

baby no more.

My little buddy isn't the little baby buddy he used to be. The past few weeks have seen my firstborn hurtling away from babyhood to childhood with no regard for his parents resistance to let him grow. In the last few weeks small changes have been occurring that just leave hubs and I dumbfounded. Who said he could learn that? Where did THAT come from?

He is like a whole new creation. It's mostly marvelous.

He is apparently thinking more. He talks in full, complicated, stories and his dinner prayers actually resemble a recognizable prayer. He tells me thinks that make my heart melt. "Mommy, your the best. I am the best too." "Mommy, I don't want to move to a new house and not have Ella Bella." "I am a happy helper, happy, happy helper."

He can do chores now! Hazaa! He is going to regret showing growth in that area. He helps load the dishwasher, puts up dirty clothes, removes his potty seat, cleans up his toys, and makes his bed. He can also get himself a drink and a snack without asking, umm, not such a cool thing. He gets his own clothes and can sometimes even put them on. We realized he was fully capable of taking his clothes off when our realtor was here the other day and he was suddenly in just his big boys. Niiiiiiiiiice.

And, mercifully, he can now put together an entire elaborate train track without help. A milestone moment indeed.


Faith said...

What great times! Treasure each embarrassing, yet unique moment! :)