Monday, August 3, 2009

inquiring minds want to know....

Many have asked about the house situation, only to see our shoulders shrug and say I dunno know. This what I do know:

-We have signed a contract, the seller may or may not have signed it. They should sign it, we didn't make any changes to it.
-The property is a foreclosure so everything is 4x more complicated and takes 6x as long.
-We haven't sold our house yet. And that is ok, we are both calm about that. We dropped the price a couple weeks back and it has been shown a lot the past few days.
-The "new" house embodies the terms "money pit" and "fixer-upper". Bring on the sweat equity!
-We will have several weeks to several months of work to do before we can move in. Yes, we are crazy.
-Because the house needs "work", getting the mortgage and construction loans is more complicated too.
-On the project list is new roof, new hvac systems, new deck, new flooring, repairing water damage, fence, and updating bathrooms. And THEN the normal new house stuff can start... decorating, painting, landscaping, ect. My goal is that maybe by Christmas 2009 the major projects will be done and we won't be embarrassed to have people over.

And a little bonus: The seventies called and they want their firepod back.... This baby will be going up on ebay! The seventies would also like the faux pink marble soaking tub in the master BEDROOM back....


Lorra said...

We had a fireplace just like that in our house when we moved in... we were happy to get rid of it! :)