Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ruffle butt

And we will call her...

Ruffle Butt

We are still cloth diapering a year later. We still (mostly) use disposables when we are at church or traveling, but that may soon end with the arrival of our gdiapers! gdiapers are the hybrid of the diaper world, cloth outside flushable liners inside. I looked into gdiapers a couple years ago and the price is crazy high if you use the flushable part all the time, it's more expensive that the fanciest diapers at non sale price. Ouch! But. I read you can use cloth inserts with them now too! Brilliant. And ADORABLE. And Hazaa the little gpants close in the back so baby Houdini can't take them off as easily. They also seem to fit her better, she has huge thighs and a little bitty waist and these are smooth and snug around her waist.

I just wish I had named Ella Bella Grace or Gabrielle :)