Monday, August 31, 2009

sweating it...

Not a new excercise program, house selling and buying.

7 days away: close on our current house.
loving: that I don't have to pack a thing (yet) since they are letting us rent the house after closing.
stressing: a condition of the sale is we get a new roof put on (hail damage). We have had zero luck getting an insurance adjuster to come out and look at the roof. The buyer is buying several properties at the same time so pushing back the closing date is not really an option. Sweating it!

11 days away: close on our new house.
loving: ask me next month... better yet wait till 2010
stressing: SO much to do. New roof, new systems, new flooring, repairing water damage, repairing years of neglect, replacing the deck, removing a hive of bees, adding a fence, remodeling 2 bathrooms, painting 2500 sq ft inside and more outside, new lighting, repairing wiring, rerouting rain runoff. And then all the normal new house stuff.

58 days away: move out of our current house!
loving: it should be cool outside by then! :)
stressing: see above. I really think we will make it ok on the deadline. It won't be how we want it, but it will be livable.

*the picture above is of one of the "kid" bedrooms. All are pink, all have a built-in desk, all have a built-in desk that will be obliterated by me, and all have no flooring, ugly curtains, and broken closet doors, and missing light fixtures. Oh well, we would replace the lights anyways...


The Tyson Family said...

at least you don't have to gut the place. It looks like someone took care of that for you!