Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And down will come baby cradle and all

Make that cradle swing....

My sweet little baby girl fell out of her swing face first to the floor. Nice. I hereby nominate myself for mother of the year. I think hubs may fire me from being a stay at home mom.

She was strapped in, obviously not tight enough! She screamed for a minute and then immediately demanded to eat. Perfectly normal behavior. So, I think she is fine. But my what a scare!


DMIL said...

Never fear. A loving grandma once was shocked out of her mind when a baby she had been baby sitting fell out of her high chair onto her head. That child is one year older than a certain loved baby son in a southern state and doing fine.

Erika said...

You poor thing!! I think ANY mother of an infant who reads this is empathizing with you. Glad you're little Munchkin is okay! (Just a side note: after being in the delivery room with Lucy's birthmother and watching the doctor just sort of yank her outta there and seeing her flop around, I realized that babies are a little more resilient than I once thought. Experiencing my daughter's delivery from that end helped me in a way to see how much babies can take! If they can handle being squeezed out of such a small... err.. "canal", they can take a lot once they're out, too!)