Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I heart google!

Ok, I am a nerd and probably perennially trapped a few decades behind the curve on new technology, but google reader is AMAZING! And FREE! I am a tad bit blog addicted, I read love reading friend's blogs, creative blogs, photography blogs, funny mom blogs, ect.... there are over 120 I follow regularly (I told you I was addicted) and before I would check sporadically and completely miss some. Now I can go to one site and read them ALL! So cool! I know blogger lets you has a similar program that you can add to the side of your blog, but I am not real keen on everyone seeing links to blogs of my friends who may want their privacy!

Next, I will blog about this amazing new thing called a video cassette recorder. Some call it a VCR for short.


Mother Ring said...

I know, right! I learned about Google Reader in a class last semester and it's changed my world! It saves me so much time and it's much more convenient than randomly checking blogs throughout the day.