Friday, July 11, 2008


For the past 2 months, we have heard several questions over and over again. Are you having more kids? When are you having more kids? We think you should have 5 or 6 kids, how many do you want? Are you "finished" now that you have one of each? How did you get one of each? Any advice to get one of each? (seriously) And more often, does she look like Moo? I haven't really had an answer to any of those questions, but now I can answer the last one.

Does she look like Moo?

Yep. She certainly does! Well, at least I think so....

Ella Bella had her 2 month appointment today and she mostly took her 3 shots and an oral vaccine like a champ. Other than that whole bright red screaming tomato thing they do when they get stabbed. The faces she was making while we waited for the doctor were deja vu from Moo's 2 month appointment 2 years ago.

I made the mom mistake of not giving her any tylenol and we paid dearly for that a couple hours later when my husband brushed her chubby little thigh where they gave her the shots and she screamed so long and hard that she threw up and just trembled. She then threw up the tylenol too.... nice. Note to self: next time dose the child before the shots!

Ella Bella is now tipping the scales at 14 lbs and is 24 inches long. She slept all the way through MY night last night, sleeping from 9:30pm to 6:45am when I woke her up because I was in PAIN. :) I am hoping for a repeat performance tonight.