Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am THAT mom

I am THAT mom. The one everyone whispers about and pulls their kids away from her kids. Yep. I did the unspeakable mom crime of taking a sick child to a play date. Yep. I am THAT mom.

In my defense, my adorable little toddler showed no indication that he was sick. None. He had a fever on Monday and Tuesday and we stayed away from everyone for the obligatory 24hours after that. In fact, we didn't leave the house until Friday. He was happy and full of energy. He danced up a storm with little L and let her boss him around like a little wife.

Then on Saturday, I woke up with the chills. Serious chills. But since it was my one and only time to get out of the house sans kids this week, I threw on my fleece jacket and ran errands. Yeah, wearing a fleece jacket in the 90 degree summer heat probably should have been an indicator to stay home....

A couple hours later I was shaking and dizzy and feverish. I had to call my husband on his cell phone (he was at the other end of our very small house) to help me feed the baby before I dropped her on the floor. Good times.

Sunday and Monday were really not any better. Less fever and a whole lot more sore throat. I had lost 7 pounds since Friday (not how I planned on losing the last of the baby weight!) and Ella Bella was eating every hour to hour and half and was really fussy in between. I was way to tired and way to stressed from trying to take care of two grumpy kids by myself. Insert nervous breakdown here. My very practical friend R calmly suggested perhaps I should go to the doctor and she would come watch the kids. I don't know what we would do without her!

I take Ella Bella with me to the doctor. We have strep! Yay! Give me drugs!

They suggest I bring my 2 year old in for a strep test, just in case, they will even see him immediately. I run home and swap kids. Moo takes the test and it instantly turns positive. The poor kid must have been feeling so lousy, but he is just so happy!

So we are all on antibiotics and are all feeling much better. We have been instructed to eat lots and lots of yogurt to prevent thrush, hence the dozen kinds! I have energy again, Ella Bella is sleeping again and back to eating every 3-4 hours, and Moo is the same. Happy, so happy!


Mother Ring said...

Poor family! I hope you recover soon! Moo looks like a million bucks though.

(and I'm the same way with Moses--it isn't fair that the most contagious point is when symptoms aren't obvious, nice)