Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Today, hubs stayed with the kids so I could as he says "buy high quality items for low cost." It's a treat to be able to go out on a weekday sans kids and really think about what I am purchasing. Yes, I got some sweet deals. Perhaps more on that later.

Normally, I hate shopping at Target if I am using any kind of coupon. They usually accuse me of running a black market coupon operation and stealing from there store by wanting to save .50 on a box of cereal. Grrr. However, there is one older gentleman who works as a cashier and he is pure sunshine. I always get in his line because he is so content to just be. To be there scanning all my "crap" and not even batting an eye as I hand him a dozen coupons. I want to come across as that, Content. Happy. Fulfilled.

I also went to our high end grocer today. We don't normally shop there because it's expensive and their sale items are still usually more than Walmart. Shopping there is just about as fun as grocery shopping can be. Lots of great food, beautiful displays, samples, and very friendly cashiers and cart escorts. I was waiting in line to checkout and the woman in front of me was on a tirade. She had bought a huge cart full of brand name items, easily $200 worth of items. And she was yelling. Yelling at the sweet cashier and the cart escort. Hollering and carrying on to a manager. Wow she was mad. She was so mad.

Because the &*%$#@#$ grocery store didn't have generic pop-tarts in double chocolate fudge cookie.

Yep. She was berating people because of the lack of variety in generic pop tarts. She left and I proceeded to pay for my groceries which took quite a while. The cart escort came back and was really shaken, apparently she had continued to holler all the way to her car about pop-tarts. Pop-tarts.

I promise this all has a point.

It has made me think about the kind of customer I am, and the kind of person I am. My son has the book No Biting and it covers the basics. Don't bite your friends. Bite an apple. Don't kick the Dog. Kick a ball. He loves that book. He has it memorized. But he doesn't LIVE it. I have a book that gives me great advice on how to live. It's my Bible, passed down to me from my sister. I love that book, yet it often sits on my shelf ignored and dusty when the challenges of life come up. I read it, sometimes. I feel like I don't LIVE it though.

I want to LIVE it.

I want people to see Christ in me, as I see it in the cashier at Target. I don't want to be so focused on earthly things that I am screaming about pop-tarts.


The everyday said...

okay where you at the new target? If so I know the man of which you speak of! LOL I love him too he's always so kind and sweet!

And just so you know stay away from the older women with reddish hair and a strong accent she does not like coupons! more on that later!

Lindsey said...

I, too, know the old man there. He's such a cutie!

Did you tell the poptart princess that she should have bought all her precious double-fudge ones at Target last week and gotten a $5 gift card to make them "generic?" Then, all the yelling could have been avoided.

But, you also bring up a very good point!

kirstin said...

amen! I wonder how many chances we have to be Christ to those around us just by the way we behave... :)
I know exactly what you mean about that Book being underused and underapplied in my life...
thanks for the post- what an encouragment today!