Monday, September 22, 2008

vomit filled ear

Anyone need a garage band name? How about Vomit Filled Ear? It has a nice ring to it...

We took advantage of the home school day out at our local corn maize, making it FREE for us to go. We love free, and normally it would be $16 for us to go! Moo wheezed his little heart out as he ran through the hole maze. He really wanted to join up with one of the mega families there and be one of 8. Sorry bud. Ella Bella pulled her hat over her face and snoozed the morning away.

We also went to the apple butter festival whole Hubs was working. Our dear friend R spoils my kids rotten and teaches them all about the world around them. She chased Moo through the orchard and caught a frog for him. They fed goats and sheep and threw apples at each other. I am so thankful for how she just adores my kids. We adore her too! NAd yes, i do dress my children in ridiculous attire. It's fun!