Thursday, September 11, 2008

in the crosshairs

Will you be praying for my sister, and her precious family and their town?

Nasty old Ike is making a beeline for their home and it looks like their home and all the homes of their friends and family may take a direct hit tomorrow morning. They have evacuated and are fine but shaken. They live just a hop, skip, and a jump (about 4-5 miles) from the beach so they will be getting the full brunt of the storm.

**** edited to add:
They are fine, their house is fine, and I think that most of their friends homes are ok too. What is not fine is the lack of electricity and functioning sewer citywide so they can't head back to work or get back to normal just yet. But in the meantime, I had fun seeing my sister, my niece and my sister's mother in law yesterday while they have relocated to my parents house until things settle down on the coast. Moo taught little Booger Bear all about trains and the girls slobbered on each other.