Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mini darth vader

I have my own personal mini darth vader, except instead of saying "Luke, I am your father." He says thing "Can I have sum froo loo's, peas.". Little man has come down with a nasty case of croup and is a wheezing, snotty, feverish, hacking little mess. We got to party all night long last night listening to him wheeze lightly between bouts of screaming trying to hold off on the drugs to get him to his allergists appointment at 9.

After enduring 16 plus hours of mild wheezing he kicked it up a notch around 7:30 this morning and ran him into our local awesome fancy clinic. By the time we got back in a room his oxygen level was down to 90% and his heart rate was 160 bpm. Not good. So 3 hours in the er, 3 chest x-rays, a blood draw, and 2 breathing teatments he was back to just mild wheezing.

We will be doing 6 or more breathing treatments a day until he licks this. Thankfully, he was easily distracted by Thomas videos and promises of m and m's if he left the nebulizer in his mouth for the full 30 minutes. The cute little fish mask was a HECK no.


Lindsey said...

poor thing! and poor mom, dad and sister! i hope he's better soon!