Monday, September 1, 2008

family portrait

I have been wanting to do a family portrait for several months, this is not what I had in mind.....

Not exactly what I had in mind. This is the Moo's idea of our apparently dysfunctional family. Upon closer inspection you will find that my father is missing a nose and a thumb while having a horrible eye brow dye job and my mother is a prom dress animal wearing teeny bopper wearing lace up tennis shoe tanks. My husband is apparently a big time player cheating on me with my near identical twin while I stand by. She is only referred to as "not papa". No idea who "girl moo" is or why he joined the fam. I do like that I am really skinny with long luxurious hair and am very stylishly dressed while carrying Ella Bella. Also notice that my son finds it completely acceptable that babies be drug around in wagons. No idea where he got the idea that was ok.

And yes, my son plays with Barbies.

*edited to add: None of this was staged, not the outfits the names, or the "posing"


Erika said...

Okay, I am cracking up. That was delightfully funny.

The everyday said...

okay you think he's forgot the photos you took of elle bella in the wagon? I bet anything when you did that he wanted to take off running with the wagon and he's been thinking about it ever since! As far as dads hand on the other woman's boob, really you should be thankful its not yours really you want another person on them! LOL or just think of the other woman as the fire dept!