Monday, September 8, 2008


Ella Bella is 4 months old today. Agh. Her life is flying by before me. She wants so badly to be at the next stage now. Her current craze is trying to sit up. She refuses to lean against us, she thrusts her self forward and tries to balance. Crazy little peanut.

To celebrate 4 months of living we got her this awesome pink boon spoon. Basically, you put the food inside the spoon and then can feed baby with one handed ease. I have serious doubts about the necessity of it or even that it is anymore convenient than totting around a jar and a spoon. But it looks awesome and it's bpa free!


Lindsey said...

so where on earth did you get that awesome spoon? i'm sure it wasn't somewhere here in lubbock. but i want one!

Lindsey said...