Thursday, April 16, 2009

and the doctor says....

He is more allergic to peanuts than we all originally thought. His blood test indicates that 95% of the time he comes into contact he will exhibit a severe reaction. Moo's skin and wheezing indicated that he is constantly reacting. So....

1. Start a daily allergy medication to minimize reactions from peanut particles in the air.
2. Teach Moo to be his own advocate, ie: reading PEANUT on labels, not eating foods from others.
3. Research school allergy policies and educate caregivers.
4. Epipen, Epipen, Epipen. Give it, call 911, give another after 10 minutes if needed.

It was a pretty frustrating visit. There isn't really any treatment we can do to lessen severity at this time and the allergist expects Moo's overall food allergies to get worse rather than better.


Megan said...

I know this is so frustrating for you. I heard something on KLOVE one morning about a month ago that said that research was being done to see if children could overcome nut allergies. They kept doctors on hand while they administered microscopic amounts of peanut to children with an allergy.

Over time they very gradually upped the amount given and most of the children in the study were able to tolerate it by the end. Not sure where it was done, but it may be worth checking into. It's got to make you crazy watching every second that you're not at home to make sure he doesn't get any peanut. Here's hoping he never needs that epipen!

lfhcreative said...

Yes, we have heard about the new strides they are making in Great Britain to build up tolerance to peanuts. I don't even know if that is an option for us with opur allergist and insurance but maybe one we will look into in the future. Misty is looking into it for L.