Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ruffle pants

More photos of the ruffle pants I made the other day. My friend Misty had given me the idea after she made some monkey pants for her little monkey ;) They really are very easy to make even for the novice sewer. I will definitely be whipping up some more for Ella Bella, although, next time I hope to put the ruffles on so the seams can't be seen. Sigh. I'll post the pattern if anyone wants it.

As you may have noticed, bear bear as had a very rough couple of months since Ella Bella claimed him as her BFF. I am completely dumb about stuffed animals, anyone have any tips on washing a beloved stuffed animal?


nennylee said...

I wash the girls on delicate and dry on low, no matter what the tag says. Haven't lost one yet.

Anonymous said...

all 3 of mine have become seriously attached to a stuffed animal or blanket. my advice is find anouther identical bear (or two) and start rotating them out. Eventually you will lode it somewher and it will be BAD. Also, we always wash the lovies with regular laundry and tumble dry. they get really nasty. Dr gray even said they will carry around viruses and germs for weeks. ewwwwww