Monday, April 20, 2009


Overall, I like being a mom. However, there is one little thing that I could totally forgo in this whole parenting business. Fluid. All the various moistness that comes from having children. Yuck. Today was a particularly fluid filled day, so here is my day by the fluids.

1 wet little boy in one very wet little bed
1 wet and poopy little girl in one wet and poopy sleepsack on a wet bed.
son spills milk out of spill proof cup
daughter laughs and spills milk out nose.
cat vomits
Moo talks about the cat vomiting for a good 2 hours
another yucky diaper
4 trips to the potty for the 3 year old
1st pair of poopy underwear AGHHHHH*
1st bath to clean up said poop incident
3 times blowing nose of son
countless times washing my hands and moo's hands
yet another gross diaper
1 40 oz smoothie spilled all over the backseat of the car (so sad........)***
another diaper to be changed
2nd pair of poopy underwear GRRRRR
2nd bath to clean up encore poop incident

enough with the fluids, time for kids to be in bed.

Yeah, I could so do with out the fluids.

* pooping in your pants is a skill we picked up in the land o' corn. ;)
** that smoothie was going to be my sweet release from a long couple days flying virtually solo with the kiddos. Oops. I nooooooooooooo I don't drink 40 oz of smoothie myself, I drink a third of it and use the rest to make popsicles. At least that was the plan.