Friday, April 3, 2009

wish list

this poor neglected blog. I'll return soon, I promise.

I have some fun crafts to share but I seemed to have packed up my motivation with my craft supplies during operation stage this house. Yes, the market sucks and we are going to try and sell our house and move on up. So, please be praying we sell our house for a fair (ok, great) price and God will provide a home for our family to grow into. Cause let me say, having one teeny tiny (5' by 7') bathroom with a newly potty trained kiddo is LOADS of fun.

I found the coolest old rambler ranch yesterday but sigh, it's already under contract. It may have been at the limits of our renovation skills, but man it was cool and we would have had a blast fixing it up. The hunt continues.

This little house has served us well. We bought it a couple weeks before we married and expected to live here while we finished college and then move away and buy a house to start a family somewhere colder and more, umm, scenic. Living here has helped to clarify what would be really nice to have and what is just fluff in our next house.

So far our list of we MUST have that includes:
- 4 bedrooms, or 3 bedrooms and an office space. We want bigger bedrooms so we are mostly looking at older homes. None of this 10' by 10' business.
- 2 toilets. Enough said.
- a garage connected to the house.
- more than 4 closets.
- closer to people we know. Hubs is either entirely present or completely not available and it would be so nice to have some emergency contacts just a few minutes away.

And on the "Oh it would be so cool if" list:
- 4 bedrooms and an office space.
- A large open living/ dining/ kitchen area
- 2 bathrooms
- A laundry room as I am pretty sick of hearing the dryer balls and smelling cloth diapers washing. Eww.
- Close to good schools. And close enough to walk or ride bikes to a grocery store. A good grocery store.
- Lots of windows. I love sunlight and so many homes here are like caves.
- character and unique style. I love clean and modern 60's styling. Too bad I live in the land o traditional brick.
-some eco-friendly features, whether it's solar orientation, shading, xeroscaping, ect.
- wood floors. Our kids allergies have been so much better since we axed the carpet.
- ugly is great. we like ugly.

Too bad this little number isn't here or for sale. Photo from kontagmag.



Julie said...

We will be praying that your house sells quickly and that you find the perfect home at a good price. We miss you guys, maybe we will finally make the drive when you get settled into your new home.

Lindsey said...

I'll pray you sell and find something perfect too! We're about to embark on pottytraining in a carpeted bathroom. Carpeted!! What was I thinking? I was blinded by pregnancy.

(We like the same style of houses.:))