Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Miss A was the very first baby other than my own that I took photos of. She was a week old the first time and just a tiny little thing with a mess of fuzzy dark hair. Taking photos of her that very first time was much easier than the workout her and her little brother gave me the other day. :)

I think the efforts of the baby wranglers were well worth it though! Look at those sparkly eyes and spiky baby hair.


Anonymous said...

these are FANTASTIC! was it all natural lighting?

lfhcreative said...

yes, one south (very gloomy day) facing window to the right. I only use natural light, the one exception being wedding ceremonies since they seem to be held in deep black caverns.

Faith said...

Laura, your photographs are incredible! I absolutely love them! How about you do my wedding some day!? :) Lots of time to think about it!