Sunday, April 19, 2009

some people will do anything for a gummi bear...

Some people will do anything for one little gummi bear including wearing girl's clothes. Ahem, I am not naming names. I made some little pants for Ella Bella. I was going for carpi pants but they go down to her feet. Oops. But, they are great size 3 capri pants. I also made her a skirt but it's too long on her for now, maybe it will fit right next year. Oh well, I'll just have to sew so more. Darn.

The pants were SO easy and made from the sleeves of one of my old t-shirts. Here is a good tutorial. Happy crafting!

In addition to being bribed with gummi bears, the little guy has being saying some crazy stuff lately.

Electricity is for Monkeys.

We DON'T put our heads in the toilet?