Thursday, August 14, 2008

end of an era

Today is my last day as a traditional stay at home mom. No, I am not going back to work! Hubs finishes his training tomorrow and then begins a crazy shift schedule that will take some getting used to. But, he will be home during the day 4-5 days a week! Please pray for lots of GRACE as we adjust to living with each other again. I am not even kidding! For pretty much the entirety of our marriage, we have seen very little of each other and since Moo was born I have been the "on" parent except for occasional weeknights and a few hours on the weekends. We are so excited that he will get to have a more active role in our kiddos lives, but wow... there are gonna be some fights!

Also, sorry for the lack of crafty updates.... this being a sorta craft blog and all. I busted my sewing machine good just as I was finishing a large stack of hooter hiders*, burp rags, hooded towels, and baby legs when bam I broke this little tiny piece that is absolutely essential to my machine working and me not "mom" cursing like a sailer. The above photo is of a hooter hider and pouch sling I made as a gift for my friend A this past month. I'll dig around and find the tutorials if anyone is interested in directions...

*If the term hooter hider offends you, how about knocker blocker, or titty tent.... thats just for you Uncle D, hope you guys have a great time at the wedding!


kirstin said...

LOVE that fabric!
I always say that my hooter hider revolutionized our life (no more hiding out or heading home to feed the Little One)... but I just bought one. I love the idea of making one instead!
Great work!