Friday, August 8, 2008

week in review

Our week in a few photos:

Someone is FINALLY potty trained! Too bad it's a plastic cucumber and the potty is actually a bumbo seat.... Moo is convinced the bumbo is a potty... this could be very BAD come potty training time.

Ella Bella picked up some sweet new tricks from her cousin Booger Bear this past week. She is now drolling up a storm and rocking out in her jumparoo. I nearly had a nervous breakdown when my little 2 month old baby was too big for the lowest settings on her jumparoo and excersaucer. She is growing up WAY to fast for my liking.

I love Craigslist! I got a sweet deal on a Phil and Ted e3 stroller from the same awesome stroller girl would I bought a Maclaren Volo from a few months ago. I am in stroller love....

Just when I thought we had dodged the new sibling blues, Moo has decided that he is very jealous of Ella Bella. He tries and throw the boppy on the floor while I am feeding her and is constantly telling me that Ella Bella should be put down for a nap. He is also going through a mama boy phase and is inconsolable when I leave. Oye. He can often be found attached to my legs or hollering for MOOOOOOOOOM in a not so pleasant preteen way. Thanks to his cousins for teaching him that! :) Along with the jealousy, he wants to do whatever mommy is doing. From cooking, to going to the bathroom, to sewing, to photography... he is right there.

The Ikea fiasco has reignited his love of trains and we have had trains all over the floor since we got back from the coast. "Play trains mama?" "MOOOOOOOOOOM, MOOOOOOOOOM, play trains, ok?"