Monday, August 11, 2008


I slept in this morning.

The kiddos did not. I was a bit of an olympic insomniac last night and din't fall asleep till 3:30am. I figured Ella Bella would holla' and wake me up between 7:30 and 8. WRONG! I woke up on my own at 9:20 to only hear the faintest of cooing from her and chattering from the Moo Man.

I open the door, turn and look in Moo's crib. Moo is dancing in his "emperor's new clothing" gleefully saying "Where the diaper?". I find a very dry diaper crumpled on the floor and a completely DRY crib and bedding. Ummm, maybe we should look into that potty training thing. Seeing as my very unpotty trained toddler went from 8pm to 9am without a diaper, apparently...

about 10 minutes later I was reminded Ella Bella is certainly not ready to be potty trained when she shot poo all over me, her, and the boppy while I fed her. Lovely.