Sunday, August 24, 2008

welcome to the world

Proof that little thunder thighs Ella Bella Chunka Monka was once actually a small baby. She is now tipping the baby scale at 18 lbs! Eighteen! Yikes. I love all the nicknames and comments we get from random strangers. 3 months?!!!! That's a BIG baby! Wow, she's really healthy! Awww, she is just storing up nuts for winter.

I have gotten a little, ok way, lazy with scrapbooking lately. I switched to a newer version of photoshop and it has taken me awhile to relearn the the basics I knew in my other photoshop program. I am embarrassed and ashamed that most of the first graders around town know more photoshop than I do! All I was learning back in first grade on the apple 2e was my right and my left. And it didn't do that great of job teaching me my left and right since I still mess them up!