Friday, August 8, 2008


Three months old today! I just love this little lady and her sweet, calm disposition. She is cooing and chatting up anyone who will hold her and smile back. I have been more laid back with her and let her take the lead on when she wants to eat and sleep. She has fallen into a lovely little pattern of sleeping from 8pm to 8am and eating every 3-4 hours during the day with one long nap in the afternoon. Yeah, she rocks! She also has a nasty little habit of wiggling into trouble, whether it be rolling of the couch or into her brother's trains eliciting a tantrum from him.

Her current raves:
-Moo Man
-Moo Man's curly locks
-Her mommy
-Tacky 80's light fixtures
-Black and White
-Dressing up as a strawberry

She could do without:
-Her car seat
-Sitting in any photo prop


Sarah Holt said...

Are these in RAW? These look great either way!
She is so precious!

Sarah Holt said...

I think the colors are looking good. Especially the first one, so bright and sharp. Her eyes are so vivid. It looks like you have studio lights and background? Again these look great. And you have a great little model.

We have not been to Barton Springs yet. These current images are from Hamilton Pool, out west of Austin.

Sarah Holt said...

haha that is crazy! The reflection in her eyes looks like a soft box and I couldn't find a horizon line. I shoot a lot of my product shots like that, with foam core, but I always have a horizon line. Girl you are good.