Monday, August 11, 2008

mean mommy

I daily underestimate my son's intelligence and awareness for the world around him.

A couple weeks ago, we were taking Moo and his Cousins to the giant wood playground. We took a rather unusual route in getting there because of construction. Moo had not been to that particular part of town since May. We were waiting at the light and he said something that just made me so sad for him.

"Mama, go see Hope? I go see Hope! I love Hope."

Hope is his friend from preschool. I think they were each others sole motivation for being excited for school. We were sitting at the same intersection we always had to stop at on the way to his school. He remembered. And I felt like a mean mommy. You see, we decided he would not be going back to that preschool this next year mainly for very practical and very adult reasoning. It's 40 minutes round trip from my house. It's $8 in gas a day for him to get there and back. I don't need it. He won't miss it.....

I was wrong. He does miss it. He had to give up his first friend HE chose. All his other friends are his friends by default, I like spending time with their moms and therefore he is friends with them. I didn't even get Hope's phone number so they could get together and play. Mean Mommy.