Wednesday, August 20, 2008

five WHOLE days

Our internet got knocked out by a HUGE shake the house thunderstorm this past Friday. It short circuited our cable modem and the modem in my computer even with them plugged into a surge protector! Our stove also got short circuited....

Ella Bella is a roller. Yep, she decided to celebrate her 100th day of life by rolling from back to tummy. She made sure day 101 was just as exciting by rolling from stomach to back. She conquered this first gross motor skill in half (yes, half) the time it took Moo.

Hubs got sworn in and had his first shift at work. It went eerily well, none of the legendary picking on the rookie that firehouses are known for. It must be coming....

Moo has replaced his favorite word "no" with a new and much more fun word. Yeah! Moo, do you love mommy? Yeah! I hate to jinx myself, but he is in such a great stage right now. I wish I could bottle up a few hours of him right now to savor when he is a smelly, moody teen. He has been teaching Ella Bella all about trains and plastic play food and even sharing his beloved train blanket with her.

I learned just how computer addicted I am. I go without internet when we are on vacation and it's no big deal, but being home without it made me feel so disconnected. Our internet being out coincided with my sewing machine being broken and my camera needing to be cleaned which left me to entertain myself in rather unusual ways. Making a huge pot of tomato sauce (sour...). Playing play doh with Moo. Cleaning my desk! Scrubbing the microwave. Dancing with Moo to Lori Berkner and Raffi. Running all sorts of odd errands. Buying Ella Bella a new car seat! Yeah, a new seat. I LOVE Moo's Britax Marathon so much, I knew if I could find a good deal on a girly one, it would be coming home with me!


The everyday said...

I dont think I'll have to get J a car seat for like a year! I love your new one! Congratulations to S again! good luck on getting along lol